Traditional Shaker Rolling Pins


Shaker Rolling Pin Zebrano & Walnut

Shaker Rolling Pin Zebrano & Walnut

P1070460 P1070415 P1070416 P1070401The Shaker Style Rolling Pin is the true American classic.  It’s the one most of us remember our mother or grandmother using growing up.  With it’s simple shape and comfortable handles it has a solid, easy feel.  The Shaker Pin never goes out of style.  It’s perfect for making pastry dough and rolls quickly.  It’s sure to be a hit in your kitchen or a fabulous gift and will last a lifetime.


Purist: $99.00

Polka Dots: $129.00

Striped: $129.00

Celtic Knot: $169.00

Paw Prints: $169.00

To buy please contact me or visit my Etsy Store.I accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

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