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I have a picture of me building my first bird feeder. It’s B&W and I’m about 7 or so years old and still had hair. I’ve always loved creating and find I naturally gravitate to wood. My father passed away when I was still young at 13. I learned to fix things after that as I was the “man” in the house from this point on. Through my life I’ve been many things including a custom home builder. But I keep coming back to smaller wooden projects. It’s just me and what I like.

My “Funktional Art” was born from the desire to build a better Pizza Peel. My wife and I are self proclaimed gourmet cooks and love Italy. We have a fondness for, among many other things, really good, thin crust pizza. We love making our own and having pizza parties. Many years ago when I shopped for a decent pizza paddle I was stumped. Nothing of interest on the market. So I made my own. Then friends and famliy wanted them. Then, try and find a high quality, End Grain Cutting Board. Tough to do.

I have many ideas for more products with only time being an issue. They will come.

Thanks for visiting my store and I hope my products will share a spot in your kitchen.

Contact me at 250-580-6780 or

Neil Bosdet

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