End Grain Cutting Boards

Picture Frame Cutting Boards 


My Picture Frame End Grain Cutting Boards are my personal favourite.  The border around the outside frames the “picture” on the inside.  I use of the grains of the center word or a pattern to create the picture.  They are truly unique and come at a hefty time cost.  These are my most labour intensive product, taking 5-6 individual glueing/machining steps + the same of days to create.

Pattern BoardsP1080077

Pattern End Grain Cutting Boards use mathematical reversing techniques to create dynamic views mating 2 or more species of woods.  I make a wide variety of these from simple to geometric.

Purist BoardsIMG_4114

My Purist End Grain Cutting Boards are made from 1 species of wood.  Using book-matching techniques, I create beautiful imagery with simplicity.

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