Pizza / Baking Peels

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Figured Maple & Wenge Peel

Figured Maple & Wenge Peel

I’ve been making these peels (aka paddles) for years.  They add so much functionality and FUN to your pizza and bread making. My paddles are made of hardwoods and are very strong while being extremely thin. They taper from 3/8″ on the handle to an almost sharp edge at the front for sliding under your pizza or bread to remove it from your oven. If you like to make pizza or bake bread you owe to yourself to do it on a stone. The best results are done this way. My paddles have been treated with mineral oil and with regular use you will probably not need to add anything more. My personal paddles have been in my kitchen for the past 8 years and they are still looking rich and warm. If needed, more mineral oil can always be applied.

We like having 2 paddles in our kitchen as we entertain and have pizza parties. So much fun. You make up dough and put out toppings and allow everyone to make their own personal pizza. Great for a family pizza night or a party. By having 2 paddles you can be making a pizza on one while another is used to put pizzas in and out of the oven.

The hole cut out on the end is to allow you hang them in your kitchen. They are truly gorgeous and you will want to display. All my paddles ship with care instructions, pizza dough recipes and pizza cooking techniques. Baking a thin crust pizza on a stone will only take about 8 minutes! Paddles measure 31″ x 15″ x 3/8″. These artisan pizza – bread paddles are hand made by me, one at a time. There is no production, just what inspires me at the moment. Perfect gift for the chef in your life. Will last a lifetime of regular use.

*I now carry Pizza Stones! You don’t need to have a Pizza Oven to make excellent pizza at home. A Pizza (aka Baking) Stone is all you need to turn your oven or BBQ into a Pizza Oven. I have an inventory of Old Stone Oven 14”x16” Rectangular and 14″ Round Pizza/Baking Stones. These are made in the USA and are one of the best I’ve ever come across. And they are inexpensive too! Instructions and recipes included.

*BUY 2 PADDLES AND SAVE! Free shipping on second paddle!

PRICING: $99.00

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