acres-away-woodworks avatarHEIRLOOM GIFTS & KITCHEN TREASURES
 My “Funktional” Art was born from the desire to build a better Pizza Peel. My wife and I are self proclaimed gourmet cooks and love Italy. We have a fondness for, among many other things, really good thin crust pizza. We love making it from scratch and having pizza parties. Many years ago when I shopped for a decent pizza paddle I was stumped. Nothing of interest on the market. So I made my own. Then friends and famliy wanted them. Then, try and find a high quality, End Grain Cutting Board. Tough to do.

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  1. Rebecca Viljoen

    So beautiful. I love the exotic woods you use! The website looks awesome and is fun and easy to navigate. You are an elequent writer too!
    Love It!


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